Thursday, December 27, 2012

Menswear High

Yesterday I posted about Street Etiqutte and I'm still on my menswear high lol. You can tell through my instagram a bit. I love how some men really take pride in how they look. And no it's not feminine to like fashion, I personally lovvee when a guy has style .
 I randomly found a guy by the name of RoscoeMars on twitter(great way to network) who is launching a mens collection in January and I am actually happy for him, even though I don't know him like that, kinda weird? oh well, I just also like when young people like myself are motivated to go after their dreams. check his twitter and his fashion show hype . 
Also LYFE is doing some work on the bigcartel site, sorry if you went ; some construction is going on. But it will be worth the wait. We are also bringing some new inventory and we still have the London cardigan available for men/women for $20.

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