Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's Talk Michelle Shall We

It's the talk of this week and yes I know I am a tad bit late but my I say Michelle Obama's outfits on Inaugural day was fabulous. My goodness; she showed out with her Thom Browne trench coat jacket (what I call it) and how it wonderfully belted with the sliver embelishment and her go-go boats. I also love her daughters winter Kate Spade peacoats and how nicely fitted they were. 
Now on to Michelle's ball dress. She wore another dress from Jason Wu. I know he was elated he not only got her too wear his dress once but twice. Congrats to Jason. Bottom line is she was wonderfully dress as always and she did that honey ( in my ghetto voice) lol

btw did you catch Mr.President's Inaugural speech? I slicked teared up. 
photocredit here and here 

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