Friday, November 23, 2012


Hey so I have some news.. I started a job.. finally after not having an offical one for quite some time.Yea it's a seasonal job but hey I am thankful just getting at job. I was talking to the Lord when I turned in my application and asked him to get a job within the next two weeks and he made it happen for me. My current place of employment is at Rainbow.

 My first day was wednesday and after standing on my feet for more hours than what I am used to.. my feet were hurtingggg like seriously but anyway to the point of this post.. I liked how on trend the store was. The trends I tend to see on pinterest and on blogs were in the store. Like embellished chiffon tops and platform boots. Also spiked and studded shoes just to name a few.  I love chunky oversized sweaters whether it looks like your grandfather wore it years ago to those that are knitted and color blocked . These are some that caught my eye. Which do you like? 

Well I am off  to catch some zzz's for work  at 7:00, yes black friday is here yikes .. I hope I don't get hurt  no one tries to steal 
nothing today. Have a good after thanksgiving :)
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J'adore said...

Congrats! No more Bailey Agency?

Natasha Foster said...

Thanks for the comment, but yea I'm still at the Bailey Agency. So I'm juggling both :)

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