Monday, September 3, 2012

New Hair, Natural Hair

Hola readers, welcome to a new week of LYFE. Usually I don't give insight on my life all that much but hey it's on my mind. So...I have decided TO GO NATURAL. I have been keeping my hair videos out my posts because I thought my audience is different on my blog compared to my videos but hey what the heck ..I just combining both no more keeping it in the dark, this is me.So you might see some posts on my hair.
The reason for going natural is I'm tired of getting perms or in simpler terms getting my thick hair straightened with chemicals so no more perms for me and I want to embrace the natural hair God blessed me with.
In transition....
  Recently I did a youtube video on how I haven't permed my hair for 5 months now it 7 months. I know this going to be a long journey so walk with me yeah?

Btw..What I love about natural ladies are the big hair and updos. like below :) Here is the source; and more inspirational hair I love

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