Friday, August 31, 2012

Gentlemen's Closet Fashion Show

The Gentlemen's Closet Fashion Show at The Historic Roosevelt (it was a all girl school in the 1900's) was weds. night. Did you attend? If you did you might have seen me or not.. I was mainly working prepping the show but got some networking done and enjoyed music and of course the show. The show was celebrating the Gentlemen designer Mr. Matthew Weaver. Mr.Weaver is a laid back designer. What designer you know allows models and other fashion show workers in his personal apartment? Tell me who? None I know of lol.
    I got to the venue at 12:30 and was on my feet until 9:20 , yes I remember because I couldn't wait to rest. But honestly I loved every minute of the prep work to make the show come to life. I was constantly asking what is there for me to do because I was ready to do work. The show was a success. There where a few celeb's that attended the event. Dwight and Peter from Real Housewisves Of Atlanta and also Brandon Bryson from Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids was the host.Also he is a pretty cool guy and also funny just saying. Check out the many more pictures on the blog's Fb page and the page yea?
 (Before the show)

(The Mixer)


(The Show)

Check out more pics over here

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