Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cool Place/ Fearless Weirdos

Remember me mentioning I got an internship? Well it's time to put a picture to the name right. When I walked into this place I loved the vintageness of it lol ( I know its not a word )  but the place had a cool vibe.  I loved the little accents it has  like records against the walls,cassette tapes, the way the jeans are hung, the dressing and room and of course the outside of it. It immediately catches your eyes and screams come inside. Look out out for the Sye Spence listening event pictures. It's awesome how this cool boutique got turned into a venue for the listening event.

1 comment:

Marquis Tucker said...

Hey, it's Tucker. My friends Daesha works there every so often. She has a afro and glasses, very slim.

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