Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pep Talk

Pardon me if my blog has been a little off regarding the design. I've trying to find what works or jumps out at me regarding the design anthestic of this blog.When I started this blog I didn't know or even think of designing the blog. Now as I am learning different things about graphic design I see it's important.  As I learned more about blogs;I grew fond of "DESIGNLOVEFEST" and I loved evrything about it to the design, the presentation and the vibe. Bri understood design and that is the design I would like to have on my blog ,but now I am realizing my blog doesn't have to look like Bri's  because I'm not her.I am a person with creative ideas and going to school to be a graphic designer for goodness sake! Theres ideas in this head of mine.I have big dreams for this blog and my future brand. I'm a person who loves poetry and can't get enough of fashion, magzines,editorial layouts,minimalism ,and get design. That being said those things should be incorpated here right? My advice to aspiring bloggers or if your thinking starting one is layout a plan what your blog is going to be about.We all have a bit of a graphic designer in all of us so design how you would like your blog to look.Write about things you enjoy; don't just let your content be about fashion because of others doing it.Be you.

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