Monday, January 16, 2012

Interview/Joshua Martin

Hi Readers. Welcome to a new week. Whatever your going to do this week or any obastacles you may come across. Just remember be strong and press on and continue to pursue your dreams.
 Today I bring you another interview. This time its's with a young photographer who is really talented named Joshua Martin.
LYFE:Why did you choose photography?
JM:Photography became a growing passion for me. I chose photography for that reason, I couldn't stop learning more about it. I never saw myself as an artist, so this weird plan that God had changed my completely.

LYFE:What inspires you about the idea of taking photos?
  JM:Inspiration comes from the story a photo can tell, or the way a photo can make a person think about a subject, a person, or event. The idea of making that image from the mind, to the eye and then through camera is a  beautiful piece of art. 

LYFE:What is your favorite type of photos to take?
JM:This has to be the hardest question someone can ask me. To be honest, don't have a favorite as of yet. I'm still in the process of finding what style really reflects me in my work.

LYFE:I see you make videos too; Is making  videos harder than taking photos?
JM:Yes, doing video need more planning than photography, but having a photogenic frame of mind helps when framing different scenes. There are more technical issues to deal with in video.

LYFE:What are your dreams for your photography business?
JM:My goal is to own a multimedia business in the future. Photography, video, web, and illustration will be the core of everything we do. 

LYFE:Lastly what would be your advice for those who would like to break into the photography business?
JM:My advice is this..if you don't have a passion and a goal. Photography isn't for you. It's not easy because everyone want to be or is a photographer. But if you do have the passion, be different and find your style.
Thanks Joshua For the great interview & to my readers, here is some of his great work..A video "I am Constance", and some photos he took.

Contact Joshua on his Site & Twitter :)
& Here is "I Am Constance"

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