Monday, October 10, 2011


  Do you see how big those balloons are? They scream fun. I found them at my most fav blog when she was writing about the New York blogshop.But anywho.. these ballons give a whimsical feeling and it makes a person smile with the awesome colors or the crazy interesting decorations attached to it. I would so have her do some ballons for an fun event or have her coordinate the event but too bad she lives in California ..darn (snaps fingers). Here's Her Story :)
 Next thing for me to brag about is blogshop in New York, I would like to attend a class one day.The vibe of the place the girls set for the students is so laid back and stylish, and I notice that most of the students used Macbooks gosh lol . But hey it is the best computer to have when it comes to design but hey check it the scene I'm talking about ..Go on Now shoot lol

Thanks For Reading ;) (with thumbs up)

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Oswald Reid said...

wow interesting balloons... didn't balloons could be used this way. cool! nice pics

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