Monday, October 3, 2011

Style Stopper / 2

 I must say Mr.Hammonds is the most stylish teacher I've seen at AIA. When I first saw him he was wearing shoes that looked like oxfords, a button down a white shirt and a fab bow tie to make it all pop altogether. But today he is wearing a red fitted suit that attracted me that I jus had to take a photo. Also guess what he is also rocking? A bow tie of-course that is absolutely adorable.Lastly who says that men can't have a man bag. What makes the bag so great is it is masculine and is like a substition for a brief case. Hope this outfit inspires you because it did for me. Lesson learned here is just because it's fall doesnt mean you have to stick with dark colors.


Chi Jessica said...

his pants are too short

Lauren said...

Wow that's bright!

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