Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Projects On Projects

Oh me oh my.. its practically 1am and I can not sleep because of so much ideas popping inside my head. Lately I've been busy creating a holistic + spiritual line. Im here getting wrapped up in all the details such as labeling while setting up other avenues like instagram and youtube. 

It takes work building a brand! It's work just trying to make it make sense and making it cohesive . I believe thats where my "sorrow" is coming from. Enough of that though just do it already!! 

Whatever your life passion do it!! This blog was created on that principle! Before I go on a rant here is what I 've been working on. 

Product Photography:( because was not going to pay anyone to photograph what I can myself.)

I am More Video. Check my instagram. Video coming soon. I wrote about it here. The list doesn't stop there but trust me I'm working over here. Well I'm off to more research and creating. 
What are you doing to manifest your dreams? Tell me about it. :)

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