Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Benefits of #Tarot (Rota) Readings.

As I learn more about the Tarot; I find it beneficial doing a reading monthly or pulling a card daily. By doing this insight is gained about people and situations in your life the Spirit (God)/Subconscious would like to bring to the forefront.

Benefits of the Rota (Tarot)::
Truth Revealed
Intuition Heightened 
Warnings/ Future Signs 
Present Situations
 Characteristics of People in your life .

The Wild Unknown Tarot is the tarot of my choice. The vivid colors and pictures attracted me into the deep meaning of the cards with curiosity.

There are other ways to do a reading such as the three card and celtic cross; I generally pull 3 cards unless felt otherwise.
Note: one is to be open to the messages given during a reading especially the major arcana card which deals with primary issues/concerns in one's life. 

Nothing to be afraid of all your doing is tapping into your "God" energy or the deity in your belief/faith.

GREAT NEWS:: The Wild Unknown has an app! Now you can get/do your readings on the go. BAD NEWS:: It's only available to android devices; which sucks for me .... #teamiphone :/

This is a little deep but its just to give an idea of what the Tarot is about

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