Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Don't Take It Personal

In the third chapter of The Four Agreements is titled "Don't Take It Personal". When I read this my eyes widen with surprise of how much it resinated with me. In a short brief description; When others say/do hurtful things; Don't take it personal. They too are dealing with situations of their own. 
For a example this morning; 

I dash Walgreens to make a purchase. I noticed as I walked to checkout the an employee was stocking shelves. Our eyes met in acknowledgment of each other. I waked to the cashier desk and waited. The employee did not show. After a minute or so I approached her for help at the desk. She said "One Minute" . While stocking I heard her smack her lips. When she approached she spoke in a low tone and discontent of being a work at 4am. I gave a slight attitude as well, purchased my items and left the store upset.
Later reaching home I remembered what I had read the previous day. Don't take it personal. After realizing it I accepted it and moved forward with my day. 
Doing this can make your day so much better.

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