Friday, April 3, 2015


When you unapologetically go after your dreams things start to happen. A few weeks ago I attended The Project Tip Trade Show in Atlanta. At first I was hesitant due my fears . Pushing them aside and going through rough patches to make it happen; I walked away with a great experience, connections, profit and inspiration. 

My picture was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily and got a chance to put LYFE apparel in the hands of a few well known celebs such as Fabulous and Mishon and Claire Sumners. I'm not saying any of this to brag but to be an example of what a little push can get you. Listen to your spirit; you know that little voice inside you. Don't listen to negativity but do listen to the positivity of your dreams and aspirations. Because of this my business is starting to grow . As long I keep momentum it only up from here. 

Therefore Thank You to all my Lyfe Blog and Lyfe Apparel supporters. For igniting my flame to burn higher to reach my goals. 
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