Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apothecary; Drugs or Holistic?

As of a couple months ago I fell in love with Apothecary (fancy word for homemade therapy of "drugs" according to the dictionary ) or as I refer to natural handmade body products. I've come across different businesses such as Balm&Co. over here and Marble&Milkweed. From the design to the ingredients alone makes me fascinated with different product combinations such as himalayan salts mixed with essential oils, butter mixture for stretch mark and etc.

I'm digging Fig & Yarrow site design (which also I'm a sucker for) and looking forward to their spring collection.  Balm & Co 's "Flower Oil is subtle and can wear as a perfume; without the harsh chemicals. Also Marble& Milkweeds great products and eco friendly packaging. 

If you are looking to heal yourself for little things here and there check out these sites and dive into Apothecary the list is endless. 

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