Sunday, March 8, 2015

Centering Your Self For New Beginnings

Normally I don't post on a Sunday, but today I just felt led to stay home gather my thoughts sit, research, center myself and share whats on my mind. 

I want to live freely. I want to gain. I want simplicity. I want peace.I have all of these to a degree but I want more. As I write this I'm wondering of steps to achieve those results. I don't neccessarily have the answer yet.But I am going to start with:

 1.Being comfortable and alone with my own silence. Not thinking, just being there; in my silence.  Being alone is where you find yourself ;I believe. 

 2.Yoga; Although I thought it was a taboo.Its peaceful, helpful mentally and physically. Also  something that has been practiced by our ancestors many years ago.  

3.Vibing Out: Gathering sweet vibes and rhymes and moving to the beat. I gotta break my tension shell of dealing with so much crap during the week  

4. Writing; growing up I loved writing stories and the art of just writing.I miss that. 

If you fill your life of positivity negativity can not succeed. Center yourself and do whatever to get those positive vibes going. 

Enough of me sounding like a hippie. See below of videos that inspired me to go into yoga. Also follow @yogaracheal and @scrapperella on instagam they helped too. 

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