Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pedophilia or Genius ?

This video has been playing over and over on my phone, computer you name it. The songs are Sia- Chandelier and Elastic Heart. The creative direction of these are just captivating because of the actions and story of the videos.
Maddie from Dance moms (i don't watch the show so I wouldn't know) displays great dance technique and expression in these videos. Sia the musical artist ; who is known for not showing her face on camera wanted a new take on a new approach for her videos and indeed she did it well. 

With casting Shia Lebouf and Maddie in "Elastic Heart" it left viewers questioning the story line. Well here it goes; basically the story has to do with the ying and yang of oneself and how it battles with itself day to day.. I believe it goes deeper but you get the premise. Watch them below.

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