Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Number 1 Change You Should Make In 2015.

What if I told you something in contrast to your beliefs. What would be your response? Will you shun the idea or have an open mind?

Honestly two years ago I would have shunned any foreign idea the moment it came out. I had no space to fill my mind with any disbelief of what I had known. Was I ignorant for thinking that? Was I ignorant to think anything going against my beliefs is wrong? 
Why wouldn't I allow myself to think outside the box? Why is anything different is considered "wrong". Is there something wrong with me or you? 

We hardly do that now a days , self analyzing I mean. We look at everyone else and point out what is wrong with them and their lifestyle , their dreams , their career and money. 
But back to my point.. How about this year do self analyzing and be more open minded to ideas, experiences ...anything! It's better than to trap yourself in a box that isn't meant for you. Explore what is for you to explore and do it unapologetically.

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