Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Happy New Year everyone. New Year. New goals. A fresh start right?
This year I want LYFE to be kicked up a notch so I'm learning HTML. With the world  drenched in technology; why not take up some skills and use it to my advantage.
I came across General Assembly; a company where you can learn web development, design and technology skills in your career. 

 No it's not a accredited school but more like a interactive workshops in web development. With less than a 6 months you can be trained in various web topics. They can be done online or on a campus near you.
 Today I started DASH; a step by step interactive powerpoint teaching html for a personal site to creating a small business site for free!. I found the project tedious but impactful when designing your own projects. 
I started from this on the right:

After Finishing:

I'm considering signing up for the online 12 week class.Wanna know more? See what I'm talking about here

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