Monday, December 29, 2014


After being tired of the constant earbuds falling out my ear during during activities I decided it was time to shop some new music gear.At first I went to purchase the BEATS MIXR for roughly $250 then I came to my senses wait... SKULLCANDY headphones are cheaper, great quality, has a lifetime warranty and awesome style to fit my unique needs. So I canceled my order with Beats..

 I did some research and fell in love with SKULLCANDY'S style. They cater to the artist and their unique style. They get it!! Not only that; a couple of months ago they released a women's headphones and earbuds. The earbuds are called "Dime" and "Bombshell".Awhile the headphones are called Knockout. Also the earbuds are designed to fit the women's ear canal; come on it doesn't get more unique that.The ear and headphones come in 3 sets of colors and come in awesome packaging which makes you feel even better about your purchase 

I bought these "Knockout" headphones below and the for a total of $150! Half the price of Beats headphones. I feel like I won with this purchase. Shop their deals and the headphones here

Check out their promo videos after the jump.

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