Thursday, October 2, 2014

Whose got to lead?Him or Her

Whose more fit to be the leader of a relationship? The man or the woman? 
Any one of them can as long someone displays logical reasoning, communication, and leadership qualities.
If both of doesnt have goals or discipline in their lives,then the both of you together isn't beneficial. 

If one person is weaker or less experienced then they shouldn't be calling the shots but can add suggestions. Making bad decisions in relationships can cost the relationship and other things. 
When I moved out my parents house I was inexperienced but my husband wasn't ,therefore I let him take the lead on where we should live and I'd add my opinion.Now we live in a location that is best for our jobs and activities. 
If you have a significant other that just wants their way by all means....then yea yall need to have a talk. 
Communication is key and as well as logical decisions. If one is blind they can't lead. 
The point here is to make logical decisions now so you don't have to pay for them later.

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