Thursday, September 4, 2014


I left a comfortable lifestyle of living with my parents in middle class , had just bought a brand new 2014 car. I left my church, left family,and friends to choose to live in my car. Everything I knew;I knew no more. Why? For a relationship? No, but to go on a journey to discover me; Natasha.

When something is destined for you,its going to happen. Also whatever you put energy into;It will manifest. I wanted a simple life, i wanted to restore my health, make better personal decisions and grow as a woman. Ultimately I couldn't implement change in those areas in my environment so something had to change. It was a change I felt coming.

It started manifesting when I met a man.He showed me what I needed to see and gave me a push I needed to change me life. When things in your life start to change embrace it; its  meant to happen. Although NO one would understand your decisions go forth with your gut feeling. NO matter people call you crazy; don't let no one drain your energy; don't give them the option.

I'm not homeless or have the fancy car anymore but those things needed to happen ,I'm happy with the people around me, the decision I made (although difficult) my job and the man I now call husband.Simplicity is what I needed and Simplicity is what I got. 

What do you want for your life? What is your gut tellin you? Follow it, You'd be glad you did.

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