Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is The New Robin Thicke Video Too Much For The Public?

Okay, normally I don't blog about artists whereabouts and that sort of thing. But to me this has to do with creativity. Ohk so... have you seen the new Robin Thicke video? The video "Get Her Back" has somewhat erie cinematography with visuals of Thicke with a bloody nose. The visuals were subtle but in your face.  From the quick frames to the masked faces gave a nice effect. On the other hand the alleged "personal text messages" were a extra pop but wasn't needed to grab the viewers attention. I suppose he wanted to hype his current situation in the media or ...... umm yea I don't have another reason he would put those messages in there. 
See the video after the jump.

From  recent articles the site label Thicke as a creeper because of the video (lol).Also criticizing him for putting a Paula Patton look alike in there. I mean doesn't celebs do it all the time? Also why is he criticized for creating a darker video?Let the man be creative with his video. In his somewhat defense he isn't a creeper but a man who has has messed up and is going through certain measures to "fix" it. Overall it was a well creative video. There's my 2 cents on that. Ohk I'm done.
See video below.

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