Wednesday, May 7, 2014


When I heard Marc's mixtape "Marc Madness" my mouth dropped. My reaction was why the heck isn't he signed to Reach Records. After then I knew I wanted to interview him. Also stay tuned for a video interview this week with Marc.
LYFE: Who is Mr Marc Griffin?
 MARC: I am a child of God who ran or did my own thing,but now I'm just here with God wanting to learn how to love. I've experienced and been through a lot even at my age but God loved me enough to keep me. I'm just a grateful, forgiven sinner.

LYFE:Your genre of music is classified as Christian hip-hop. What drew you to this genre? MARC:As of right now I don't focus too much on Genres because my music is very, very diverse and I believe that it was given to me to touch all different types of people of different backgrounds. What drew me is the fact that God changed me and with that He changed my music. I couldn't be a changed person but my music still be of the same content right?
LYFE:Your sound reminds me off the 116 Clique of Reach Records. Is it accidental ? 
MARC:I wouldn't call it an accident. I started doing my street gospel music back in 2008 and I never knew about the group but I was introduced to the Cross Movement's music back in 08-09. I truly appreciate 116 and all they do we are brothers and we're on the same team! My music comes from my experience and from other people's experience around me and it also comes from my personality! I just write from who I am but to hear that I remind someone of 116 is a compliment!
LYFE:Why music verses other ventures? 
MARC:I started writing when I was nine and it was a form of expression. It has always been my passion so I want to stay true to who I am and what I know. I could go to school to become a doctor, but is that my dream? Is that what God has given me to do?
 LYFE:What is your goal for your career?
MARC:To continue to do what I am doing with my music but on a much broader scale. Also to continue my poetry, speaking, acting, writing, and to write for others. I want to be able to help other people accomplish their goals.

LYFE:If you never get noticed by a label or a crowd would you quit?
MARC: I wouldn't quit because its my passion and no one was there when God gave me my first poetry piece. Its a huge part of who I am, so to give up would be giving up on myself.
LYFE:What do you want your viewers to take from your music?
MARC:Truth, love, reality, excitement, encouragement, edification, change, Life, who I am!!
LYFE:Who are your influences?
MARC:Wow!! I like a wide range of music and artists from Lauryn Hill to Brandon Heath, Bob Marley, Lupe Fiasco, Casting Crowns, Jamie Grace and trust me the list goes on!! I'd be here all day. 
 LYFE:Who produces your beats?
MARC:As of right now its my awesome producer and engineer Luke G of Atlanta, Ga!!!!
LYFE:Where are you performing next?
MARC:The way my schedule is its no telling, but to keep up with where i'll be performing you can join my mailing list at We'll send you all of the updated news including performances!
LYFE:Do you have any upcoming projects?
MARC:Yes I am so excited because I am working on my first album!!!
LYFE:Lastly where can people get ahold of your music or contact you?
MARC:You can join me on my website for my music at and for any booking you can email us 678-250-4721.
Check out the interview video below !!!
(it's my first time putting one of these together don't criticize)

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Cole Mize said...

Nice interview! Thanks for showing love to my bro Marc Griffin! Much love, grace and peace to you and yours! Sincerely, -Cole Mize

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