Monday, April 28, 2014

Does Wifey Do It?

I already talked about the difference between The Wife And The Girlfriend. Now this is a question for everyone.Is the 21st century wife better than the wife of 50's-80's? Being a new wife in 2014; an article from the Examiner caught my interest. It's titled 8 Things Women Just Don't Do. It goes into the priority for the average wife back in the day verses today.

   As I read the article it seemed as a no brainer to cook, workout,clean and respect the husband. But I know of women who are ought to get married and cooking isn't on their mind. As the years progressed there were less relationships and the woman became independent.  If the  independent woman wasn't raised knowing how to do wife duties she isn't going to carry it it her marriage. 

 I grew up with mostly only my mother in my life and my father popped in and out my life. My mother was a independent woman but she cooked often. I picked up the independent and strong quality from her. Later she married and I finally had a male figure in my life. I appreciated it he taught me things a wife should do . I then started cooking more. He always said "I will not have a daughter that does not know how to cook" and that stuck with me now I cook dinner for my husband and share his food out when he isn't antsy to get it himself. Although I'm young doesn't mean I'm naive. Woman can work a job and do their thing but take care of the home too because at the end of the night that's where your head is resting.

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