Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Taking It Down

This week I am taking out my weave (ghetto gurl voice) and I am nervous. Although I love my hair I had cut it TOO much just because I got oh so inspired by doing a big chop. I mean my hair is about collar bone length straightened but I had way more thickness and body before I had cut it.

I get mixed feelings whenever I take out my hair because I can either love it or want to sew in again. Welp ready or not I am taking it out so my hair can breathe and again try to learn my hair. To prepare my self I have been taking a look at some videos to help with the washing  and styling process. Also I am most definately going to the store to get me some Shea Moisture products to tame my dryness because I find the Curl Enhancing Smoothie helps my hair with moisture. I will not be buying the Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner again!!! This product was great when I was transitioning but when  I was all natural it left my hair feeling striped of moisture seriously.  

Yolaanda Renee from ETCBLOGMAG hair type reminds me of mine a bit and is helpful with styles. take a look 

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