Monday, September 30, 2013

Kanye West? A Slave?

The recent Kanye West interview has been circulating for a while now and I chose to listen what Mr.West has to say. Now, I have only seen part 4 of this interview and I can't speak for the rest of it but in my opinion he has some valid points. He mentions how we are slaves to our lifestyle. He even calls himself as a slave. I agree with his opinion on the slave topic. We are simple people living our simple lives and working toward things we don't need but want yet believe everything would be great if we had it. Also in my opinion...

 Mr.West he is a complex person and is quite prideful not saying he has a right to be but he is different (not going to say genius). I believe he is a highly intelligent man and great at what he does. Although I don't quite understand why the demonic visions when it comes to his music and videos if he is supposedly a believer.This can be a scheme or a hype to get people talking or in or words a marketing strategy. 

What am I basically saying? I don't agree with West's lashing out and demonic symbolism but he is a well spoken arrogant intelligent innovator.

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