Friday, May 31, 2013


"Monogamy, better yet matrimony, is what we were made for. Sex before it just complicates it.Is it bad that I wanna find love forever with just one and you just wanna.."
These are the some of the many strong lyrics from @msnatalielauren remake on Wale's "Bad". (listen and read more after the jump)

It's interesting how us females are smart, yes emotional creations choose to lease our bodies instead of it being owned by husbands. How do we deal with ourselves going from one dude to the other and continously give ourselves up to those who don't deserve it or not even worthy of us. Is it a lack of love from loved ones? Or do we simply crave affection/touch or the feeling from the opposite sex? What is it? 
Why we can't keep ourselves? Was there a problem that happened to some of us down the line from childhood or the mentality society has placed around us. All of our answers are different. 
We have the power and the key to precious gold but "sex is what is settled for". I'm not criticizing  any woman. It just makes sense to hold on out for the "one".. yeah it may be hard but it start with us as a woman to make up our minds. My plan wasn't to "preach" just makes sense to wait. 
Just take a listen to this song and see if it makes you think.It for me.

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