Friday, February 8, 2013


As a young person we often think about our life goals and how achieve them. I know I think about it often it's normal. We all want to be successful in different fields so what are you doing to achieve those goals? What is your blueprint that you are following?

Interestingly it talks about that in the bible. In Deuteronomy 28:8-14. It talks about how God will bless your business and anything and everything you lay your hand on. You must be think literally everything ... well in a sense yes. For example if you make something and you sell it because you have touched it;it will be blessed or anything you put your mind too it will too be blesses.Verse 12 says; "the storehouse of his bounty, to rain on your land in season to bless all the work of your hands".He has anointed us to do anything and with our hands and mind we create.
  To some this up God has your blueprint of your career. Just follow his guidelines and you'll be fine. Not that obstacles won't come your way but as long you have God in your plans he has a plan for you. 

This has has your Daily Inspiration For You number two. Hope you have a great weekend. 

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