Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Others By Hypebeast

This blog is all about inspiration right? So what's better inspiration can you get than from those who had a dream, idea or passion to pursue something and made it happen? Some months ago I discovered I AM OTHER a youtube channel created by Pharrell Williams bought to evryday youtube viewers like you and I. I AM OTHER was created to give people who push the envelope and jumped out the box and decided to be different in their field whether it be technology, fashion, music etc. The channel has a segment called OTHERS BY HYPEBEAST. These videos are about industry shakers in different fields pushing the envelope in today's society around the globe.The first one I viewed on Sophia the CEO of Nasty Gal. I was motivated, inspired, and intrigued by the video. From that point on I subscribed to the channel and continued to view the videos of different creative people who became successful and sharing their inspiring story. I recently viewed the one about FAB.COM. Below after the jump are some of my favorites. View and subscribe to I AM OTHER.Also view the HYPEBEAST site for fashion,art,design and culture

Sophia; CEO of Nasty Gal 

Co-Founder of FAB.COM Bradford Shellhammer

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