Monday, October 15, 2012

Natural Hair Journey Continues

As I have stated before I am going natural and man it gets tough and I'm only in my 8th month and I'm going crazy with this hair. After I type this post I am definitely going to wash this hair and have to brace myself because it's thick especially at the roots because of the hair growing.
A bad habit I tend to have is not moisturizing my hair like I should be and letting it run wild and not tying it down at night. Yes I know it's not good because my hair can break. Well hey I am  learning. Soon I am going to try the curl enhancer smoothie I see people with maybe that will help with my moisture. Well I'll see how this goes... oh and I heard extra olive oil is good hmm I never thought of that. This one and this kinda helped from youtube.  Keep up with my updates on my channel

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