Friday, September 28, 2012

New Internship

2 weeks ago while on twitter I saw a tweet from The Bailey Agency here in Atlanta. They were looking for new interns to be added to the team. I decided to walk on faith and send in my resume. The same day I got a email back for a interview. That day I went to Macy's and copped a new outfit. I'll prob do a future post on the pieces.Ne-who it turned out to be a group interview which  I was expecting though I never been to one. After a couple of questions they picked 3 interns on the spot and I was one of them . Yayyyy! I was too amped.Today was my first day and it was pretty cool and snapped some pictures of the place.

1 comment:

Chi Jessica said...

omg good luck with the internship! It sounds so cool!! im jealous lol

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