Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall is in the Air

OMG! I missed blogging so much this past week!!!! Ok so let me tell what has been going on with my blog. I wanted to create a shorter domain name I did then it just so happens had shut down momentarily due a hacker issue so I bought my domain through another site which google apps led me too. So.... basically Google hasn't yet tranferred my new domain name not only that but none of my links where working  also NONEEE of my urls. Therefore I could not blog for A WEEK! Not only that but my domain name has reverted too the which I am upset because I spent $20 total on domain names I
can't use at the moment. and google was no help in resolving these problems.

Anyways...can't you fell the weather changing? It has been a bit nimpy in the mornings and a bit in the afternoons in GA.
found via instagram @lauralawson

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