Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seriously I Need One

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!! My PC have been giving me extreme problems the past couple of days in resulting blog posts as you can see. Lately I've been trying to get a Mac Pro but of course you know they cost a arm and a leg. I clicked on to my student store where they gave me a $100 discount for being a student yayyy .... no I still will have to pay another 1,399 well a discount is better than none right? Well I still wasn't able to get it. Back to why my PC  has been giving me problems; my whole right side of usb ports will not work, the computer shuts down on me and my wifi connection  on the computer wouldn't work. I am so done with pc's. Time to switch to team mac when I get the guap of money of course. Sigh ..until then I will dream of having it in my hands.

mac pro here

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