Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Interview/Prince Fool

 Remember I told you about an interview coming up with this guy? Here he is; by the name of Prince Fool. Who is he?Well we got together along with his manager;Mike to make this interview happen after I took a listen to his music. It's not your typical music; it has a interesting sound and has a good message. So dive in and get to know him a bit. 

LYFE Who is Prince Fool & how was your name chosen?

PF:Prince Fool is your everyday average guy.I chose my name mainly because I didn't want a stage name that strayed too far away from my real name. I got the idea from Kendrick Lamar; who's my favorite rapper right now. I felt like he had a valid views on stage names.

LYFEOut of other creative ventures, why music?
PF:I make music because simply I feel like I'm good at it thanks to God of course. I also have a passion for A1 skating.  

LYFE:How did you decide on your musical sound?
PF: Actually I took all the music that influences me and fused them together. Some of the artists I listen too are J.cole,Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, MGMT, Maroon 5, Jay-z,  and WizKhalifa.

LYFE: Where does your inspiration come from?
PF:My inspiration comes from everyday life and the relentless pursuit for success.

 LYFE:What overall message you want to send to your listeners?
PF:I want to show people I'm not far from who they are;just a regular human being. Same thing with all these other rappers because I feel like we put them on to high of a pedastool as if they are some sort of Gods. I also wanna show people you can fuse different music to make somthing everyone can vibe too. 

LYFE:What is missing in the music industry that Prince Fool can bring to the game? 
PFReally all I want to do is share my ideas on life and vent a little. (laughs out loud)

LYFE:What would be your advice to those inspired to be in the music career?
PFStay true, stay humble, stay loyal don't ever break these rules and you should be good.Also most importantly use common sense and networking; do lots of it.

LYFE: What are your aspirations for your career? 

PFMy aspirations for my career would have to be going as far as I can go in all aspects of my life including skating, making music,and making money to take care of my family. Whats really important to me is doing all this while maintaining my down to earth demeanor.

LYFE: What is your fashion style?
PF:I would have to say my fashion style is really sparratic sometimes. I like to dressed up but at most times I like to wear old clothes I feel comfortable in. I love wearing weird accessories that make people stare; nothing to crazy just somthing you wouldn't usually see. Things you have to make yourself our go through a lot to find.

Thanks Prince Fool for doing this interview & his manager Mike who help make this happen. 
Prince Fool will soon be dropping his mixtape ; keep a look out for that until then follow him on twitter. Check out his recent youtube video, it has a cool vibe and kinda candid you know? 

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