Monday, June 4, 2012

Style Stopper/21

Hey Loves! Hope you had a restful , and laughful weekend. Starting of this week is a Style Stopper. Here is Trudy. A web design major at Art Institute Atlanta- Decatur. When I saw her outfit I really liked the color blocking. It's spring so the colors are cute for this season plus I love pastel colors so why not snap few photos of her. Her bag which I love which came from Target. They have cute shirts, purses, scarfs etc. Target is the place to go foreal. Anyways before I go on a rant... I wanted that purse I must say and its has a vintage feel to it  right? Also I liked her accessories; it complimented the outfit also. Thumbs up for this outfit right? I mean it is a style stopper lol.


Chan said...

this is great . i love it . i love you !

Chan said...

that's right i LOVE you !

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