Friday, May 25, 2012

Hair /3

I took out my kinky twist ! Finally I had it in for 2 months and normally keep a hair style for a month so you know I was ready for a change. I was debating whether to go have straight hair with a bang or try a curly look. I went on a limb and got curly hair and I love it. I might have this hair style for a while .. Its that good, plus i got compliments. I think this hair is a keeper. I also instagramed a few photos. Check out the rest of my instagrams.

for the record.... i don't have a depressing life .. its just how I take my photos at times and also the random kid? ..yea that's my nephew, he graduated from preschool aww see his scary/funny smile ? lol anyways hey check out my youtube channel  yea? And see you here ( not actually see you here.. you know what I mean )next week for a cool place I shot.

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