Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interview/ Tucker

Yes! Finally the time has come for the interview I've been excited about for the past couple of days. Ladies & Gents I introduce Tucker. A Media Arts & Animation major at Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur. When I met him I became fascinated with his aspirations for his future and has a different opinion on what style is. Don't you love his outfit by the way? Anyway. I thought it was time for an interview with this guy. Here we go :)

LYFE:You’re majoring in Media Art & Animation, Why?

Tucker: Well I'm a talented artist and I've always wanted to make my own graphic novels but I actually wanted to major in Graphic Design, Fashion Design, or Video and Film. I feel like I would be really dope at those majors. 

LYFE:What is it about design that stirs you up?

TuckerI don't know, something about being able to manipulate any image and make something out of it is just so cool to me! Like, on my spare time I make mixtape or album covers and posters and flyers and stuff and I'm super dope. And not even just Photoshop, I draw so programs like Illustrator would be so much more helpful in my artwork to look professional. The level Photoshop can take your work from is crazy, that's why I dig it so much.


LYFE:Your designs are unique & unexpected; & where does your inspiration come from?

TuckerThank you, my inspiration comes from a couple of things. Well design wise, I get mine from ancient Egyptian paintings, writing, architecture, and mythology or from the Renaissance Era with Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, you know some of the main artist and thinkers of the era. I even like their architecture. But on a more personal level, inspiration comes from deep emotions like stress or angry and music, stuff like that. 

LYFE:You have a future brand your working on, can you tell me about that.

TuckerYeah, I have a brand I'm working on called C.O.O.L. Kids", which stands for Creating Our Own Legacy, and a few other side projects with a few of my friends. As far as C.O.O.L. Kids go I've been working on this brand for a while, about 5 years now. This brand main focus is urban culture, everyone that we work with has some unique creative input on our culture. I'm also working with a new brand called "Trippy", it's an up and coming graphic tee brand. Everything is going good too! It's crazy! 

 LYFE: There is something you have been representing and is considered controversial, Can you elaborate on that and motive for it?

TuckerIn all my photos, I'm rocking a necklace with the pyramid and the All Seeing Eye carved in wood. You can find the image on the back of the one-dollar bill. Everything people know about The All Seeing Eye is usually related to the "Illuminati" which in a way is true, but for a negative reason. People think the Illuminati is and underground evil organization that's trying to take over the world but it's not. People tend to become afraid of things they don't know. The All Seeing Eye is a symbol of truth. Now a day you can't believe what you see or hear anymore, you have to believe what your heart tells you. Humans have the strangest ability to sense when something isn't right. It's all about having an open mind and doing your research. 

LYFE: What is your style regarding fashion & design?

TuckerFashion wise, I have a very old school taste. I love the whole old school hip-hop scene like, LL Cool J and Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, people like that. But currently my style has been the European style. As far as design goes, I create youthful, honest, and energetic designs. Something about being young with an old spirit is dope to me. 

LYFE: We all have aspirations or goals in our life; what is yours for yourself & future brand?

TuckerWell I've always wants to inspire someone or a group of people to do whatever they wanted to do as long as it made them happy. I always tell people to "Make It Happen" when they tell how bad they want to do something. Like, it's just something I feel like I need to do. I want to become someone else's motivation like Kanye West was to me. When I retire from whatever I'm doing and write a book or something and do book signings I want a kid to walk up to me and be like "Yo! You're like one of my biggest inspirations ever!" and to hear about him later going off and doing something world changing. I just want to help change the world... or at least the people in it. And that's what I want to do with this brand. I want to prove that it's possible to have nothing and make something out of it. I mean you got to have the right mindset and you got to stay focus.  I'm not perfect I mess up a lot! I mean a lot and the results are never pretty either but those mistakes you make and the trials life sends you are what make you stronger, more humble. So, if I can just become the motivation for someone to become someone greater than me would be my dream come true. 

LYFE: What advice you would give to those is aspiring to do the same?

Tucker: Like I always say, Make It Happen!

 Thank You Tucker for doing this interview & Check out his blog. Continue for more pictures.

photos by Natasha

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