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    Hey Readers, Remember when I said last week there would be a guest post? Well Here is Jackie she does outreach for The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance website here. This blog is to inspire and motivate others so that being said I'm going to hand it over to you Jackie :)

Using the Power of Fashion to Bring Out Women's Inner Strength

By: Jackie Clark

Each woman is uniquely beautiful. No matter what life throws at her, from a tough day at work to a devastating diagnosis of cancer, her inner beauty stands like a pillar. When woman have belief in this inherent beauty, they have the strength and confidence to overcome their adversities and remain in control of their lives.

Women need to feel beautiful because when they feel confident they are more comfortable, capable and stronger. Their energy is released from their insecurity to go and do other things, from making new friends to starting a business to overcoming the cancer that is attacking their body to simply enjoying the little things in every day life.

Women who have received a prognosis of cancer, whether it is thyroid or mesothelioma, breast or skin cancer, are undergoing probably the most difficult time of their lives. As they put everything they have into their fight against the disease, it is essential that their self-confidence and inner strengths stand firm. One of the best ways for women to boost their confidence in their beauty and the capabilities they possess in both body and mind is through the medium of fashion.

Fashion has secret powers for those who know how to wield them. Vibrant dresses and fun, flirty shoes bolster a woman's confidence in the way sweats and jogging shoes never can. Helping women understand the secrets of fashion styles and colors will bring out the best in their looks and give them a confidence that bursts with new energy to face their cancer.

Start with colors. Each woman has certain tones and shades that bring out the richness of her complexion and subtle shades of her hair and eyes. Likewise, there are opposite colors that don't do anything kind to her look. Although the midst of the cancer fight may not seem like a place to stop and reassess the colors of her wardrobe, tossing the unflattering colors and focusing on the ones that make her shine will boost her confidence in her inherent beauty and worth.

Color isn't the only part of fashion that can accentuate a woman’s appearance. The shapes of outfits can bring out the uniqueness and special qualities of her figure as well. The goal is to use patters, big details and bright colors to draw the eyes to her best feature. If it's hard to figure out, try to draw the eyes to the face. Even if an overhaul of the closet isn't possible, spice up life with a few new accessories. Try wearing a vibrant color dress that will make your eyes really pop or a glistening piece of jewelry to bring out your beautiful facial features.

Cancer is a strong opponent; however, women do not need to fight this battle alone. Not only do they have the support of their family and friends, but also they have powerful inner strength and beauty that is just waiting to be unleashed. When women dress in ways that flatter their figures and faces, they prove to the world and to their own mirrors that they are gorgeous, valuable people who are strong enough to overcome whatever challenges life throws at them.

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