Friday, September 2, 2011


Above my dear viewers is BRI EMERY! Bri graduated from FIDM in California. Guess wat she majored in ?....guessed it yet?..Well I'll tell you its.(Drum Roll) Graphic Design !! She is totally awesome in what she does.Bri does ober stuff like being an Art Director at Rue Magazine ,her own blog is is filled with happiness and pastel like colors,Blogshop where she teaches how utilize Photoshop for bloggers.
 I so love her blog ,she inspires me in matter of fact.She gave me encouragement that you can be a graphic designer and be oh so happy. By the way I would like to attend one of her Blogshops one day ,(although she coming to GA in November can't go :( . Since I found her blog which is don't remember how ) I"ve been checking the blog ever since.I love the captivating pictures and creativity on the site like how she writes on the photos and the calm colors makes it looks so priceless. See for yourself. Go Now!

This here is Miss Chioma I met like what..3 weeks ago lol and we are already are bonding over what you may ask?... Blogging of course! She has a great sense of style ;) kudos to her.Of course she has a blog too specializing in fashion and make up. But n-e who she has helped me tweak my blog a little but we both are growing as bloggers oh yea I took the photo above by the way and she edited it .Aww look at us great bloggers in the making. SHOUT OUT to her for telling me about blogger :). You wanna see her blog much? Well Here you go .
 Other blogs that are certaintly in the Favorites tab are HERE,HERE, and HERE!
 Enjoy :)

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Jessica said...

aweee thanks for featuring me on your blog!! (:

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