Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello world,
I am now a student at The Art Institute in Georgia majoring in Graphic Design.Evenutally would like to become a graphic designer of course to do some freelance work, work at a well known  magazine and ultimately own a magazine company in the long run well enough about that.
I‘m new to this whole blogging thing. Let me take you on a journey down memory lane when a teacher of mine in 9th grade told our biology class about this thing called “blogging” eh I wasn’t into it .Well here I am blogging. I blame the movie ” Julia & Julia” for making me write down my thoughts lol. The movie was inspiring and how something so little can make a big diference for a person’s future. 
I've chosen to name this blog LYFE because everyone has a life they have to live and we all have goals to reach. I believe that a goal should be your fantasy .A fantasy is like a dream come true so eveyone who has  goals should try to live their fantasy each day meaning work toward your goal everyday no matter what.Also this page is going to be a combination man things like my journey in art school, what I like ,fashion, or even little bit of my 2 cent comments I'd like to throw out there  but this is a kind of cool way to channel my thoughts.
Well toodles until next time
- uniqueness

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ozzy said...

nice music from the band!! your art work is great for someone just started! Youve got great potential and nice blog I look foward to what you have in store for future!

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